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Men’s Clothing

Check out the Armani Exchange men’s suit collection and choose the one that strikes your fancy. An entire selection designed for men who possess a unique personal style and enjoy wearing a diverse combination of clothing to create interesting, one-of-a-kind looks.

What’s the most common misconception? To think that a man’s wardrobe is filled with a few items that all look alike Instead, a men’s wardrobe is where a clean-lined, no-frills style reigns supreme, where you will find mock-neck sweaters and hooded jackets from the Armani Exchange collection, alongside T-shirts, polo shirts and athletic-style trousers enhanced with understated details that make all the difference.

Love them or hate them, the truth is that shirts are a fundamental part of the male wardrobe. Therefore it must be stressed that an unending variety of styles are available that suit any personal taste — from stretch cotton items to tartan prints and plaids, from patterned looks to pieces with contrasting logo tape. Short sleeves, plain or striped — you will find what you are looking for.

The Armani Exchange men’s clothing collection also features a wide array of underwear, a category that often gets overlooked. It’s time it gets the attention it deserves. Briefs, boxer shorts, boxer briefs and high-cut stretch briefs. All with an incredible fit.

Explore the Armani Exchange men’s clothing collection and show the world your true self — from head to foot.