Is there a truly versatile men’s garment that guarantees a day-to-night outfit? Yes, it exists, and, without doubt, it would be the shirt. The Armani Exchange Men’s Shirt Collection is defined by a impeccable cuts and tailored versatility. Even if you’re not crazy about shirts, they are impossible to resist.

If you love the mountains or plaid, your favourite shirt would probably be a long-sleeved item with a tartan print. Imagine yourself in the following scenario: a fireplace with a roaring fire, a steaming mug of hot cocoa, and you in this shirt. It immediately feels like home. If you prefer urban settings, you would probably like a solid-coloured cotton shirt or one made from jacquard mélange — a cotton-blend fabric that creates the perfect, stylish outfit in the blink of an eye, which can be worn straight from the office to nights out on the town.

Those who love a bold style won’t be left on the sidelines, thanks to shirts with contrasting logo tape or patterned items that transform you into the king of nightlife. Sometimes an unexpected combination knocks you off your feet, due to its unprecedented blend of casual and formal looks. What are we talking about? The cotton piqué shirt, a hybrid between a classic shirt and a modern polo shirt.

Is there anything else to add? Just that they could all be yours. All you need to do is choose. Take a look, take your pick, change your mind and chose your definitive favourites from the Armani Exchange Men’s Shirt Collection.