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Wallets and Card Holders

Even though it’s usually hidden in a pocket or bag, a wallet tells more about you than you could ever know. Those from the Armani Exchange Men’s Wallet and Card Holder Collection only convey positive traits. They immediately show that your are fashionable, sophisticated and love things defined by unostentatious luxury.

The collection focuses on style and simplicity. Both of these characteristics can be found in one accessory — and what an accessory it is. Made from an exquisite material, this linear, buffalo-hide wallet possesses an innate ability to communicate. As soon as you lay eyes on it, you will immediately see its high-quality workmanship. Along with this item, you will be bedazzled by the hypnotic texture of our Saffiano leather card holder.

For a modern, sophisticated gift, choose a leather keychain and wallet set. This unique, fashionable idea will surprise whoever receives it. And that includes you.

Have a look at all the possibilities on offer in the Armani Exchange Men’s Wallet and Card Holder Collection. If you find the perfect gift for a friend, go ahead and treat yourself, as well. You deserve it!