Style icon and trendsetter, Andrea describes himself as a citizen of the world: his art is inspired by youth subculture and night club life, creating a world that encompasses different cultures. He defies any attempt to label him and has many identities: model, artist, designer and entrepreneur.


History of art, cartoons, fashion, music and freestyle are all elements drawn from the streets that inspire Jisbar and form the cornerstone of his style. As a pop artist, his creations mirror contemporary society: his creative urgency is represented by the short stories that animate everyday life.


Tim Marsh has combined many activities in his professional career that have influenced and defined his aesthetics: creative arts, defining trends for clothing brands, collaborations with fashion magazines, street art and graffiti. Theatrical style creations: a vintage palette of bright colours applied with spray cans, paint and brushes combined with a mix of techniques acquired along the years.


A unique and special hand drawing technique defines the eclectic style of Pomme Chan and takes inspiration from everyday life. Nature, fashion, architecture and femininity play a key role in her work. Over the last five years, her drawings have been published in several magazines and she has worked with prestigious advertising campaigns, becoming the ambassador for several distinguished brands.


Well-known for his ironic illustrations, Paul Fuentes is a graphic designer who loves to transform everyday objects, food and animals into surreal compositions, creating pop mashups.
His avant-garde approach incorporates surrealism and everyday life: with over 230,000 followers on Instagram, Fuentes is quickly becoming a familiar name.


Lucas Levitan: illustrator today, artist last week, photographer last month, and art director last year. A new cycle may be about to start. He finds inspiration in everyday life, transforming ordinary objects and scenes into picturesque images that take the form of illustrations, sculptures, installations, paintings or animations. He sees the world with a slight twist on reality.


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