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The first Giorgio Armani Fine Jewellery Collection, a complement to the prêt-à-porter offering, beautifully explores some of the Maison’s distinctive and characteristic elements and is characterised by luxury craftsmanship, affirming an aesthetic based on elegance and the employment of high-quality materials. These exquisite creations tell a story of painstakingly precise artisanship and savoir-faire. The line is built around seven themes: Gioia, Josephine, Tamara, Circle, Sì, Borgonuovo, and Firmamento.


A new collection with classic elegance, where femininity and refinement blend harmoniously. The design centres the moonstone, a unique, charming gem known for its enchanting play of colours ranging from blue to silver, framed by brilliant diamonds.


The new Josephine selection is inspired by Europe’s most elegant French Empress, Joséphine de Beauharnais. 
The design is reminiscent of the paisley pattern, which originated in Mesopotamian civilisations to represent the deep union between man and nature. The Empress adopted it, and it featured on many pieces in her sumptuous wardrobe.
Its undisputed star is chalcedony, a delicately coloured precious gemstone that represented the beauty of the natural elements of air and water in ancient times, which is lit up by exquisite, brilliant-cut grey diamonds.


Tamara is the new series inspired by the aesthetic charm and stylised geometries of Art Deco.
The undisputed star is the carnelian, a precious gemstone that is said to bring good fortune. Here, its rich orange colouring is brought out with precious details in black and red sapphire.
Precious charms with small diamond and ruby inserts, designed for adding a unique personal touch to necklaces and bracelets, complete the collection.


The Circle series features circular forms, for a pure and clean look. The linear elegance of the necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings is emphasized by the torchon finish and color contrast between vivid rubies and champagne coloured diamonds.

The Sì series design is inspired by the brand's feminine fragrance. Architecturally simple earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces reimagine the shape of a petal, which is multiplied to create elegant black onyx flowers. These are embellished with sparkling clear and black diamonds that reflect beams of light with every movement.


The Borgonuovo series features refined and alluring variations on the theme of the logo, sometimes lit up by pavé diamonds or semi-precious stones in delicate pastel shades. Here, design becomes pure decoration.


Firmamento is a series that evokes the gleam of the stars in the night sky, a recurring theme in Giorgio Armani's fashion collections. Rings, bracelets, earrings in diamonds and white gold, designed with graphic simplicity around a moon and stars theme.

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