An athletic-style tracksuit is a must-have item, even in the most sophisticated wardrobe. The Armani Exchange Women’s Tracksuit collection has everything you need. Tracksuits are perfect for classic lazy days on the couch binge-watching your favourite shows, as well as for running errands in comfort through the city streets. We’ll come out and say it: for years, jeans were the king of casual outfits that could be worn on any occasion, but recently athletic-style tracksuits have come back in fashion, especially for wearing out of the house. What’s better than a tracksuit for all your urban adventures?

But which one? Do you prefer colourful styles or neutral shades? Our sweatshirts and trousers can be mixed and matched to create the perfect outfit. Choose, experiment, mix, match, and find the tracksuit that is best for your lifestyle. The women’s tracksuit collection includes basic styles with colourful prints, as well as oversized front logos, small, all-over logos or logo tape on the arms and legs for a look that is totally 90s. A stylish tracksuit is a must-have for the home, gym and city. Discover the entire selection at Armani Exchange.