wallets & card cases

3 Colors
The communicative power of the A|X logo is strengthened by our studded wallet with zip and wrist strap zip pull. This champion of the total look is bursting with character and determination that outweighs its size, at less than 20 cm.

Wallets and Card Holders

Is your entire life in your wallet? Then it’s best you choose one with care. Explore the Armani Exchange Women’s Wallet and Card Holder Collection in its entirety.

The last word in ultra-cool wallets is an Armani Exchange multicoloured bifold that keeps your banknotes in order, no matter their size. Studded, zipped wallets are bold and full of personality. Although this accessory is smaller than 20 cm in size, it packs a punch that puts any critic to shame. They are designed to unleash your inner rock star.

If you are more of a practical type, we know you won’t be satisfied until you find a coin purse or card holder that meets your strict demands. These highly feminine, compact accessories give a certain something extra to any look every time you pull them out of your bag.

Minimalist, practical and with a wide array of compartments: imagine your perfect wallet or card holder and seek them out in the Armani Exchange Women’s Collection. Why wait? Check them out now.