Polo shirts

Polo shirts with logos, patterns or contrasting stripes, as well as those made from stretch cotton jersey. What would a wardrobe be without a polo shirt? Or, to be precise, more than one polo shirt. A wardrobe should be bursting with them. Take a look at the Armani Exchange Men’s Polo Shirt Collection.

What does it mean to wear a polo shirt? To dress in confidence, knowing you’ve always got it right. At least in terms of looks. This article of clothing is casual and refined at the same time, creating the perfect balance of style and design. Choose between short-sleeved or long-sleeved looks.

The array of colours is almost endless: white, navy blue, black and mustard. To name just a few. Have fun combining different styles and colours while building up your wardrobe, because we know better than almost anyone that a man’s wardrobe often does not leave much room for experimentation.
That’s why this collection features not only evergreen pieces that you can simply hang in your wardrobe, but items that reflect your personal taste, thanks to unique details and contrasting colours.

Make yourself comfortable and browse the Armani Exchange Men’s Polo Shirt Collection.