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Men’s T-Shirts

What item is the absolute must-have in any male wardrobe? The answer is easy: the T-shirt. Don’t ever underestimate its power. The Armani Exchange top collection is designed to create outfits that are never commonplace. Alluring, minimalist, urban: these are the traits of the perfect T-shirt that will boost any look.
You can choose to wear them under a sweater or on their own with a pair jeans. T-shirts provide a kind of safe space; it’s impossible to feel out of place with one on. What we love most about this item is its simplicity and versatility. Do you prefer short or long sleeves? A V-neck or a crew neck? Cotton or stretch fabric? A slim or standard fit? The varieties are endless!
If your want to stand out in any crowd, there are our limited edition Armani Exchange T-shirts, such as our series showcasing iconic National Geographic covers or our #st_ART project, featuring T-shirts defined by an urban edge, created by five artists from the international street art scene.
Choose your favourite Graphic Tees from the Armani Exchange collection, featuring a perfect fit and oversized creativity.