trousers and shorts

Trousers and Shorts

The Armani Exchange Men’s trouser and shorts collection offers endless possibilities. The soft, comfortable fit of athletic-style trousers stands alongside the minimal simplicity of classic-cut looks. Does your day take you from the office to the gym to that most awaited moment, when you finally go home and relax? We have good news for you: your environment doesn’t set the rules, you do.

Grant yourself a sense of freedom that only comes with the right pair of trousers. When indecision takes over, a casual piece always works. Stretch cotton items are perfect when you want to feel maximum comfort, while athletic-style trousers, sweatpants and joggers provide eye-catching style during evening runs. And we can’t forget to mention five-pocket denim jeans. Iconic, unparalleled and available in endless varieties. If you’re feeling bold, Bermuda shorts with a pattern or logo print will hit the spot, especially when worn in the cold seasons.

The Armani Exchange line of trousers, sweatpants and shorts has a precise objective: they will be there for you as you set your own rules in terms of style.