Success since 1936

A story of victory, success and triumph that started in 1936 and continues until this day: Armani Exchange Olimpia Milano is the Italian basketball team with the most titles and one of the top champions in Europe. It started with the black-and-white efforts of Rubini and Gamba, passing to Dan Peterson, Meneghin, D’Antoni, McAdoo and Gallinari, before finally arriving at the Armani era.

The Armani era started in 2008. This immediately marked the foundation of a new type of club. Huge importance was given to Italian and young players, along with a modest attitude, solid roots and transparency. The 2013/14 season signalled a turning point with the team’s first victories: the Red Shoes were back.

Our colours and our enthusiasm!

Over almost 100 years of rebounds and baskets, the most popular wooden courts in the sports world were trounced upon by the team’s hallmark red shoes — called “Scarpette Rosse” in Italian. This nickname was coined in the early 1950s after the shoes chosen by the then-president, Adolfo Bogoncelli — a name that has taken on mythic proportions in the annals of history.

Our team

Our official team uniforms

Today, the team carries on its traditions and history, which are reflected in its team uniforms. You will feel as if you are a full-fledged member of the Olimpia Milano team when wearing Championship and EuroLeague match kits.

Show off your enthusiasm for the team with the jerseys and shorts of the season’s star players — from Datome and Micov to Cinciarini and Delaney.
Wear your favourite player’s kit with pride.

Our victories

Giorgio Armani has always had strong ties to the world of sports, which became an unbreakable link with Olimpia. A winning love story that reflects the brand’s style — substance, essence and respect that passes from fashion to the world of basketball.