Simply striking

Time to get revved up for the holidays! Leave an outstanding impression from the moment you set foot in the room with a sharp jet black velvet jacket, single buttoned blazer or a nice snug dress. Don’t shy away from a little bit of dancing at home and belting out tunes around the tree or dinner table – all while dressed up to the nines.

Take to social media for some live greetings with friends and family but remember not only to turn up but to turn heads too! You won’t go unnoticed in stunning, easy-to-wear pieces that boast a modern hi-tech edge. Make everyone’s mouth drop in a look that’s completely you (but make it effortless).

Not your average conference call

Join in on the virtual celebrations and rendezvous on video while flaunting your brand new winter outfits: a sequinned top or iridescent skirt make for a brilliant look, full of shimmer and shine, that’s bound to warm up any atmosphere. Toast with colleagues or classmates via web for one last cheer before counting down the last seconds of 2020 and ringing in the New Year with style.

Hit refresh on your wardrobe with statement-making looks that will match your fun-loving and outgoing spirit. Play it safe with strong, one-of-a-kind details that never fail to deliver: a hot jumpsuit, a pair of textured pants, a pleated sweater or even a midi skirt with monochromatic logo tape.

Having low-key plans doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be boring! Enjoy your days off however you please, in feel-good outfits. Follow your own beat and get all decked out if you want to. Order in and call it a night. After all, you deserve to treat yourself to something sweet. What better eye candy than a shiny new pair of glasses or boots?