$ 120.00
1 Color
This Armani Exchange bag with shoulder strap and two handles is unobtrusive in size, energetic and sustainable. Classic yet thoroughly modern, this accessory made from a sustainable material will give any outfit character.
$ 150.00
2 Colors
It may be called an accessory, but the backpack is more than a mere side piece. It’s a must-have item, perfect for carrying all items needed to face the day. Contrasting inserts make this a must-have item.

Women’s Bags

The bag is every woman’s best friend that will remain by your side through thick and thin. It holds your secrets, as well as your daily necessities. It reminds you when you are about to leave something behind and offers creative solutions just when you need them most. Small or large? While the world may be divided into two teams, it doesn’t really matter. Choose your favourite bag from a wide array of Armani Exchange styles. Day or night, they will add a casual-chic touch to any outfit on every occasion.

An oversized bag never goes out of style. This accessory can be worn anywhere with casual or athletic looks, as well as more refined outfits. That leaves just one question. What is better: a classic faux leather shopper bag or a shoulder bag with all-over logo print? Bucket bags are the perfect all-day solution — from work to evening drinks.

What about technical fabric backpacks? This accessory is up to any occasion, ideal for people who never stop, not even on a rainy day. Last but not least, there’s the belt bag. For years, this accessory was considered dated and pushed to the back of the drawer. Now, however, it is one of the trendiest must-haves in the wardrobe. Wear it around the waist or as a shoulder bag. Available in faux leather or printed fabric, with exaggerated volumes and one-of–a-kind silhouettes.

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